Our Story

Hi there ! Welcome to Batter That Matters. From a young age, I was always in the kitchen watching my chef dad cook for all our family events. A few years later I joined in and started baking for friends and family. What first started as a hobby turned into a passion that drove me to try countless recipes and even taking classes at ICE in New York City. Baking for me has always been a way to show those I love how much I care about them. 

 However, I had always thought of baking as a hobby. For the past couple of years I have  pursued my career in design. Fast forward to 2020, I had just finished a design program and was on the hunt for a new job. The result? Searching for a job during the pandemic was brutal. I moved back home, where in between looking for jobs, I baked to keep myself busy and sane. 

 That’s when I realized, I love making people happy through baked goods and that now more than ever, we need to help each other out. My dad and I came together to brainstorm and Batter that Matters was born. At Batter That Matters our mission is not only to make those who eat our cookies happy but also give back to the community. That is why we pledge to donate a portion of our profits to a different charity seasonally in order to give back along with making our delicious creations. With shipping available nationwide, Batter That Matters' Cookies make the perfect treat to show close friends and loved ones how much you care about them.
Thanks for stopping by :)